What Brands Look For


Ever wondered what key qualities brands look for in an influencer?

Well don't wonder any more, all they want is a combination of the Three R's: Reach, Resonance and Relevance  

Reach...of course the more followers you have the more attractive you become to brands. When influencers have a large reach the brand's message will be exposed to access to a greater pool of people.


But having lots of followers doesn't matter if your audience isn't engaged

Resonance...is what determines the readers level of engagement with the content the you create. Brands look for influencers who’s audience is highly engaged, they look for bloggers who can excite their audiences with their content, compel and persuade; making them try out their brand’s products. A passive audience, less likely to buy a brand’s products, is not an attractive prospect.


Reach and Resonance don't mean anything if your audience is completely uninterested in the brand...


Relevance... The perfect fit, the level of alignment and similarity between the your values and style and the brand’s image. The brand's products need to fit in seamlessly with the influencers content. There needs to be a mutual interest between the blogger and the brand and a link between the bloggers audience and the brands potential customers.


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