Tech know how for influencers

Regardless how techie you are, if you have a self hosted wordpress page, squarespace, tumbler, blogger or maybe just Instagram - ZINE has a vast knowledge base all around the technical stuff influencers should know about. Something you want to know about but can't find it here? Stuck with your Google Analytics setup?  Get in touch via the live chat and ask away!



How to install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute MUST for any blogger who is serious about collaborating with brands. Imagine you couldn't see the number of followers on your Instagram - having no Google Analytics for your blog is just that! 

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Add an image to your RSS feed

Many bloggers don't even know that their RSS feed is missing a picture! Seems like now big deal - but if you want your media kit to boast with the image of your latest blog post, this quick step by step guide will help you to achieve just that.

Media kit Trouble shooting

We try to create a seamless experience for all of our users - but sometimes we fail. :( 

That's why we have collated a number of frequent issues and how to solve them!