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From tech to business, SEO, GA and negotiations - ZINE got you covered regarding  anything related to the day to day business of digital influencers. Can't find what you looking for? Drop us a line and we will do our best to advise or point you in the right direction!


Tech Know How 

Creative or not - sometimes it's necessary to get your hands dirty in some techie stuff. We know it doesn't come naturally to everyone and many shy away from it in fear of breaking something. Fear not! ZINE's here to help - we have step by step guides and our users can contact us any time if they need help.

Business center

Blogging is business! Here we share the best tips and tricks around running a successful blog. Watch this space! We're curating a number of experts and industry veterans to fill you in on their route to success.

Help shape ZINE products 

You ask - we listen. We know people say that a lot but we really really do. In the end of the day we want to build a product influencers want to use because they are convenient, simple and pretty. 

Help shape ZINE's influencer tools by sending us your feedback, thoughts, problems and wishlist. We promise to reply to each and every single one. 

A million or more....

We did some digging and came up with the "A million or more... " leader board of global influencers. No this is not a complete list! If you think we missed someone vital on this page, please let us know via

Enjoy stalking the elite!