What is influencer marketing?


Brands, identify a few key influencers and make use of their authority within the field they are experts in, by asking them to spread their brand’s message online. Whether this is on social media, on a blog, vlog or on a website.  


Key influencer characteristics:

  •  Influencers are considered experts in their fields
  • They have an already established and engaging audience
  • They have a sizeable reach on their websites and following on social media platforms
  • Influencers have some authority, and form key influence on particular social media channels
  • They are creative and have the potential to constantly create sharable, original and engaging content.


Key Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Cost Effective

  •  Influencer marketing is like hitting two birds with one stone. But potentially hitting thousands of hummingbirds with one stone. Influencer marketing is the cheapest form of advertising to potentially expose your brand to thousands of targeted individuals.

Good PR

  • Collaborating with influencers to share your sponsored posts, is like shouting your brands message through a megaphone. Once an influencer shares content referring to your brand, it reaches an already established and engaging group of individuals within minutes. It gets you noticed, in the hustle and bustle of the hundreds of similar brands out there, helping you cut through the noise.
  • Using an influencer to help you promote your brand, speeds up the process of establishing credibility. Consumers are motivated and respond to the opinions of people they trust, like the ones of influencers. The stamp of approval from an influencer gives you instant credibility.

Target Audience

  • Influencers constitute the medium to finding existing, reaching potential customers and identifying people like them. Influencers who are considered experts in your shared fields are more likely to have a following, also curious about that field. Meaning that the chances of the influencer's audience being  interested in what you have to offer is highly likely, given that they’ve already invested time, having engaged with and followed the influencer over time.

Target millennials

  • Millennials are the most prized marketing demographic.
  • The  young consumers  constisute the most populous generation on social media, spending  up to 9 hours a day on social media channels.  
  • Less than 6% believe that online and traditional paid ads are credible. They reject conventional advertising, explicit advertising, as they are more skeptical towards brands, questioning their integrity.
  • But the 94%  trust the recommendations and product endorsements of other people, the other people being friends and family or even individuals they don’t know  personally but follow on social media. Thus the  rise of social media addiction by millennials has given way to influencer marketing which taps into the social-media savvy generation in the most effective way.

How Influencers Improve Your SEO

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The ways by which your site or brand could obtain a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine, such as Yahoo and Bing, but most commonly Google.
SEO depends on On-Site and Off-Site SEO. On-site SEO depends on how you can imporve your ranking within your website, which typically comes down to  how much the keywords on your website match those searched for online. Off-Site SEO, is determined by how much 3rd party sites interact with yours, how popular your website is across the web. 


Your site's popularity on the web, depends on:

  1. The traffic your  website receives
  2. The quality of your content
  3. The number and quality of the shares, links created and backlinks which refer to your site
  4. The number and quality of social media shares the content referring to your site receives


1) Influencers increase the traffic your site receives

  • Any content related to your brand which is, created, shared, replied to, or commented on by an influencer will immediately gain more reach, becoming visible to potentially thousands of new followers and readers. When influencers interact  with your brand, it means that a much larger audience is speedily exposed to it which leads to a significant spike in traffic. Anyone who sees the influencer engaging with your content is more likely to follow you, or divert to your site. Leading to a larger audience and more traffic. The more visitors you receive on your site, the higher you rank in search results.
  • When an individual searches for an influencer on a search engine, it increases the possibility that they will also find content they've created for your brand, redirecting them to your site. 

2) Influencers Create Quality Content 

Creating original, innovative and engaging content on a daily basis is a struggle. Influencers sole purpose is to produce captivating, and shareable content. Collaborating with them is a crowd source for creativity, influencers can help create
a) content for your site and social media platforms or b) create sponsored content on your behalf.

  •  Content For Your Site and Social Media: Influencers can help you create content for your website and social media, which is useful when your ideas for new content become repetitive and unexciting. Once you increasingly build relationships with influencers, a few may also volunteer their own content to your blog, giving you more potential content opportunities.Ads on social media platforms like Facebook are a good way to reach your target audience. However once an ad has reached it's peak, clickthrough rates start to drop, because being constantly exposed to the same ad is boring. Facebook establishes similar ads and chooses the highest performing ones to give them preference over others. if your ad stops performing, you would create a new one, but iterating existing ones or creating new ads to boost clickthrough rates isn't simple. New designs, images and videos are continually necessary to catch the audiences attention. Influencers can create high quality, interesting and engaging images and videos for your ads, or you could even co-create some content. 
  • Content On Your Behalf: When sponsored content is created on your behalf by influencers, it is shared with their audience on their social media platforms. The sponsored content influencers create is often looked up to and incredibly impactful, as they are perceived as experts within their fields. Due to the power they have to sway people’s opinions, the average engagement on posts published by an influencer is 75% higher than the average engagement on a post published by a brand. Thus online users and especially millennials are much more likely to interact with and share content which was created and shared by an influencer about your brand, than they are to share content made by the brand itself. Influencers have the power to  create a domino effect when they encourage their followers/ your target audience to also create their own unique content related to your brand. This way not only increasing the quality and quantity of content for your brand but increasing the number of user-generated content,  increases the level of your brand's awareness, number of brand mentions. and website traffic. All adding up and leading towards a much improved visibility on search engines.

3) Backlinks,Links and Shares

  • Whenever your content is referred to or linked to a piece of content that the influencer has created, this being on their website or social media, it's called a backlink, diverting traffic to your site. When your site is linked on a third party site it is identified by Google as being relevant. The more backlinks your site has, the more it is trusted by Google and considered to be relevant when specific keywords are searched, improving your ranking on search engines.  You can identify the 3rd party websites and how much traffic they divert  to your site and determining which external sources are most valuable by checking "Referrals" on your Google Analytics
  • SEO depends on the number of shares and links your content receives. Whenever your content is shared online, it generates a new link. An influencer sharing content related to your brand increases, the chances of it being shared by a larger number of people.Therefore, an increased number of shares, increases the links being created for your content.The quality of the links and backlinks also makes a difference in SEO. 
  • The quality of a link and backlink, is defined by the status of the person who shared or referred to the content respectively. If the person who shares the content is of high authority, or the site on which your content is linked, is well established,  the links that form are of high quality. As influencers follow and support other influencers, within their field, your content is likely to be exposed to and being picked up by other high profile accounts within their community, increasing the chances of earning quality links. 

4) Social Media Shares and Links

  • Social media and SEO work together in terms of ranking. Key influencers on social media can increase reach on those particular networks but they can also have a very positive effect on your SEO. The more shares, re-tweets and re-posts you receive on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, the higher your ranking will be on google. Due to their large reach  Influencers posses an authority and a greater influence on social media platforms. Increasing the chances of the content being shared more on social media and the links which are being created from the content shared by the influencer being of higher quality.   
  • Social media profiles are typically amongst the top results in search listings for brand names, meaning that social shares on social media sites can boost SEO dramatically.