ZINE Media Kit

The ZINE Media Kit is a cutting edge business tool for bloggers and influencers. You can create a fully fledged media kit within a few minutes, containing all the information and statistics a brand wants to know when engaging with you. You can personalise your media kit, add previous collaborations, press coverage and price lists to you media kit also. Your media kit automatically updates itself once a day with the latest stats and media from your social accounts - so you won't have to play catch up with your follower numbers anymore.


Connect all your social accounts

The ZINE media kit lets you connect your blog (any platform), Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube. This way brands instantly see your total reach and the channels you are active on. You can add a short personal bio to your media kit as well as previous collaborations, Press coverage and a price list. Each channel icon links straight to your social profile. 


Automatically retrieve your latest stats and pictures

The ZINE media kit updates itself daily with your latest stats and media from all connected platforms. Brands know and trust the ZINE media kit as they  know that data is taken straight from the source and therefore 100% genuine. 


Share with anyone

The ZINE Media Kit was made with influencers in mind. To make your day-to-day work with brands and PRs a bit easier - we've created a digital media kit with minimal branding (so your brand can shine!) and no restrictions. You can share your media kit with anyone you like simply by generating a media kit link from within your profile and sharing it. No login or sign up is required to view your ZINE Media Kit. 

Curious? Check out ZINE's ZINE Media Kit link: https://app.zineme.com/#/profile/ncvyD6p18p/ZINE