Frequently Asked Questions

It's not always smooth sailing unfortunately, so we have accumulated a number of frequently asked questions. In most cases it's worth while to just drop an email to or use our live messenger to get in touch. If you do email us and it's about formatting that went wrong in your media kit, please include a link to your media kin in the email for reference. We aim to come back to you within 24h but mostly are much faster than that!

Is ZINE safe?

ZINE is absolutely safe, we don't actually store any of your login account details. 

Who can view my media kit?

You can send a link to your media kit to anyone you like, brands, agencies etc. The other party won't have to have a ZINE account to view your media kit. Simply go to your media kit page and at the very bottom, click 'Create Link to my Media Kit'. Copy the link address and off it goes! The link is permanent, however you have the option to create a completely new one and expire the previous one. 

Is ZINE for free?

Yes! ZINE is 100% free to all influencers and we would like to keep it that way. That's why we appreciate all the help we can get from our community to spread the word about ZINE. Be it by using your media kit to introduce yourself to brands and PRs or by sending out a tweet to tell the world about our awesomeness. 

I've signed up - what next?

That's it! Your profile is now visible to Brands and PRs on the ZINE platform. We will update you pictures and stats daily so you don't have to worry about a thing anymore. When a brand would like to work with you, they will email you directly through the ZINE platform. Please add to your addressbook!


Trouble Shooting

I can't login

  1. Make sure you are in the Sign In not the Sign Up page.
  2. Make sure your email is correct. Could you have had a typo in your email when you first signed up? Try signing up with your email again - if it works this may have been the case. Please contact us to change your email to the correct spelling (

My Blog post picture doesn't show or is funny

This may be to do with the format of your RSS feed. The RSS feed of your blog may not include a picture with your article, to change that you can install a Plugin for Wordpress - takes about 2min and has been working great! To Install the plugin go through the following steps: 

1. Sign into your Wordpress account and select "Plugins" from the sidebar 

2. Search for "featured images in rss!"

3. Select and install "featured in RSS w/ Size and Position" 

4. Once installed Select "settings" from the sidebar

5. In the drop down "Choose the image size to include in your RSS feeds" choose "Full"

Lastly Remember to save your changes. You may not see the image instantly, but if you're impatient, you can log into your media kit and select "refresh" from the menu bar. 


I have connected the wrong instagram/facebook/google analytics account

Happens all the time - literally! We are working on a way for you to change the account selected at a later stage, in the meanwhile, please get in touch via or through our live messaging service on the website.

The geographic break down for my blog looks funny...?

Sometimes the geographic breakdown shows an unusual large number of hits from certain countries. These are often not users but bots crawling the internet. You can tell google to exclude bots from your google analytics.

1. Go to the Admin section of your Google Analytics

2. In the 'View' column- click on 'View Settings'

3. and tick the box as per below: 

          Bot Filtering

           X   Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders


How to's

How do I find the link to my RSS feed?

We have dedicated a whole page on this issue and you can find it here.

I don't have Google Analytics - how can I get it?

Again, this is such an important topic that we have dedicated a whole page to it. You can find instructions on how to connect Google Analytics to your blog (regardless on which platform) here.

How do I create a media kit?

Very easy!

  1. Go to our sign up page and create an account using your email address.
  2. Connect your instagram account - This is important so we can pre fill your media kit with your feed and make it look pretty
  3. Connect your other social media accounts. Now this is entirely up to you! You can connect as many accounts as you like, the more you connect, the greater your total influence shown on your media kit. Every like and every follower counts! You can skip this step if you don't want to do this just now and rather take a look at your media kit first.
  4. Now you're almost done! Next step: Personalisation! Make this media kit truly yours being going to the 'Edit' section in the top right menu bar. Here you can add an about section, change your profile and background image, and change the order or visibility of your social media cards. You might have the same pictures on your facebook as on your instagram and therefore decide to only show one of those cards (facebook will still show in the top of your media kit and your likes will count towards your total influence, even if you decide to hide this card). 
  5. You can change the background colour, add your previous collaborations and press coverage and you're done!

I have received an email about a collaboration opportunity, how does this work?

We sometimes email collaboration opportunities to influencers on the ZINE network. There are different types of collaborations: Paid, Product and Event - or  a combination of the before. 

  1. Product collaborations: The brand will provide you with a product or service in exchange for a blog or social media post
  2. Paid collaborations: The client has a budget for influencer projects and is wiling to pay a fee for a blog or social media post (sometimes this may also involve a product on top of the fee)
  3. Event: The project is an event for which the client would like to invite influencers. This can be in conjunction with a product and/or a fee or a simply a friendly invitation to join some lovely people for a wonderful time. 

In the collaboration description you will find the type of collaboration and the required or desired channels the client would like to aim for. When you apply please make sure to 

  1.  Quote for each channel individually as well as provide a package price if you have one
  2.  Let the client know if there are any additional channels you would like to offer free of charge (for example if all your instagram posts go on to facebook and twitter also, this is worth while mentioning!)
  3. tell us which product you would like to receive, if a product is involved - ideally with a link to that product
  4. provide a link to your ZINE media kit - applications with a media kit are 75% more likely to be chosen for a collaboration simply because a professional media kit with reliable data sources shows a high level of professionalism. 

Once you have submitted your application we will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know - either way!

How can I share my media kit with other people?

To create a link to your media kit, click on "CREATE LINK TO MEDIA KIT" at the bottom of your media kit page. A pop up will show you the shareable link. The link to your media kit is permanent, however you have the option to create a completely new one and expire the previous one, so as to protect your privacy if need be.