Blogging is Business

If you're serious about blogging as a career you'd want to do all in your power to get the most out of it. We share our expert knowledge here to help you reach your full potential; whether it's contacting and finding the right brands to collaborate with, knowing when to accept a collaboration opportunity, or building and growing your own personal brand, ZINE has got you covered!


What Brands Look For

The Three R's is all you need, so that brands to run to you with speed!
Reach, Resonance and Relevance. Coming soon!

How to promote yourself to brands

Collaborating with brands is the most obvious way to earn money from your blog. But most bloggers don’t know where to start. Now you've built your brand, increased your following and readership and have a good engagement rate, it's time to take the next step. 

How to engage and grow your audience

Sure you can buy your first few hundred to get the ball rolling, and if you’re still struggling your next thousand. But how odd will it look if you have thousands of followers, yet no one liking or reading your posts? Although you can get instant increase in followers by purchasing them, fake followers actually, serve no purpose. 

Business Etiquette - Do's and Don't 

Coming Soon!

Understanding your media kit statistics

Not sure what your statistics mean, or how they are calculated? We've got you covered. 

Understanding your Instagram engagement rates 

If your reach falls between 1k -10k you should aim for an engagement rate, nearing or above 4%... Where do you fall? What does your engagement rate mean? How does ZINE calculate it? Is your engagement appropriate for your following? How can you increase your engagement?  We've got all the answers