Influencer Marketing: A Dead-End

52% of 310 million bloggers worldwide write about products and their opinions on brands; grabbing the attention of 1.4 billion, active internet users who consult blogs for products or to be updated with the latest trends and ideas. 

However, despite their power of  persuasion their followers to purchase products, audiences are now wising up to the fact that the social-media personalities they follow, the ones who would typically, naturally sway them to make specific purchases, are receiving some sort of compensation to promote the products they "review".

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A Blogger's guide to London Fashion Week

Fashion week is show time. Not just for designers and fashionistas; but also for all you fashion bloggers out there. As a fashion blogger you should make good use and take advantage of this time. It's the best opportunity you'll get to make connections with PR agencies, lasting impressions with brands and be a source of information and inspiration for your readers.

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Building a Micro-influencer Marketing Strategy

The use of celebrities and top tier bloggers, with a huge following for marketing strategies is starting to die down. That's not to say that influencer marketing itself is dying down. In fact the influencer industry is exploding. However brands are choosing to work with a different kind of iinfluencers, those with a smaller following aka "micro-influencers". 

Sounds crazy right? Well not as crazy as you may think. 

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