With the rise of social media all brands are facing the same struggle to create original, innovative and engaging content on a daily basis - for your facebook ads, your website or your own social media accounts.

With influencer marketing you kill two birds with one stone - promote your product to a new audience and create engaging and creative content.

After all influencers

  1. have a huge following because...
  2.  they produce engaging, captivating and shareable content for their sites and social media because...
  3.  they know damn well what content their audience (your potential consumers) likes, responds to and engages with
  4.  they keep creating and producing more content because...Their following just keeps growing

Once you’ve identified your key influencers, collaborating with them is a crowd source for creativity, they can help create content for your ads, website and social media handles and publish sponsored content on your behalf.


Why your Facebook ads need influencers...

You think your ads are doing fine, but take a closer look, it’s not by chance that the clickthrough rates on your Facebook ads have dropped. You can blame it on the passage of time all you want, but we blame it on the uninteresting, unexciting images you’re using.

BTW: Once your ads stop performing, Facebook establishes and gives preference to other similar higher performing ads (the same applies for Instagram)

So your ads are probably not even showing on others feeds.  Sure your ads on Facebook may have been exciting, once upon a time, but iterating them here and there won’t revive them.

Completely new designs, images and videos are constantly necessary if you want to catch and preserve your audiences’ attention, and if you want Facebook to show your ads instead of others.

But new designs don’t come without their complications.

Of course Facebook has restrictions on what content you can and can’t include in your ads. In fact it’s quite a long list of image, size and quality requirements, and that’s just getting your ad approved let alone getting your ad to overtake those of your competitors.

So how do you get all that content? You can hire photographers and designers, browse stock photos for, well anything - but hardly something that is unique and engaging. Or you can turn to influencers and get tailor made content, targeted at an audience just like yours. 


No one knows social media better than influencers

Influencers know Facebook’s restrictions quite well because they’ve been creating content of their own. After all, that’s what they do for a living. Influencers can create high quality, interesting and engaging images and videos for your ads.

You could use unoriginal images from adobe stock, but that won't grab anyone's attention.You could hire a “specialist” designer, but just thinking about the time it takes to brief them on your brand, goal and target market, should put you off.

Influencers already know the content, and tone which is best for your target market because, that’s their audience! Let’s not mention how cheap they are in comparison to “specialists”, in fact once you increasingly build relationships with influencers, a few may also volunteer their own content.