1. More for what you bargained for

Influencer marketing is the cheapest form of advertising to potentially expose your brand to thousands of targeted individuals.

The ROI on Influencer marketing is 11X more than any other forms of Digital Marketing (Inc.)


2. All in One for your PR

Once an influencer shares content referring to your brand, it reaches an already established and engaging group of individuals within minutes, getting you noticed, in the hustle and bustle of the hundreds of similar brands out there. 

Influencers are all you need to be the only brand their followers see!


3. Speedy Credibility

Credibility is difficult to obtain from potential consumers, because consumers are motivated and respond to the opinions of people they trust... and we hate to break it to you, but you probably aren't a trusted very much. Unlike influencers who have gained their audiences trust over the years

Once your brand receives the stamp of approval from an influencer they trust, you become instantly credible and reliable.


4. Ones that matter

IInfluencers who are considered experts in your shared fields are more likely to have a following, also curious about that field. Increasing the chances that the influencer's audience will be interested in what you have to offer 

Partnering with influencers whos interests align with yours gets you easy access to an audience which will most likely become your consumers. 


5. Down with the Kids

Millennials are the most prized marketing demographic, but reject explicit forms of advertising. Influencer marketing is best way to tap into the social media savvy generation, because not only do they trust the influencers and their opinions but since they spend up to 9 hours a day on social media (Nielsen), getting you the exposure you need. 


6. Creme de la content 

The content you struggle with, is a walk in the park for influencers. Their sole purpose is to actually produce engaging, captivating, and shareable content. We kow you don't like to admit it, but for you creating original, innovative and engaging content on a daily basis is a struggle (trust us, it shows). They can help you with content for your site and social media handles and ads or create sponsored content on your behalf

Collaborating with Influencers is a crowd source for creativity


7.  SEO Gold 

When influencers share content referring to your brand they create quality links and increase the chances of the content being shared by their audiences, creating even more links referring to your site. Getting you into Google's Golden Triangle

Engagement on posts published by an influencer is 75% higher than the engagement on a post published by a brand (marketingtech.)


8. The kind of traffic you like

Any Content, an influencer creates, shares, comments on or replies to regarding your brand immediately gains a broader reach which leads to a significant spike in traffic, as their curiosity diverts them to your site.