ZINE is redefining industry standards of influencer marketing through its clever software and tools that help influencers to promote their personal brand. Inspired by influencer needs and daily struggles, we create tools that promote transparency and professionalism.





...creates Tools

The ZINE media kit is everything an influencer needs to show when approaching brands. It provides a comprehensive overview of social media channels, vital statistics and lots of media - all updated automatically and daily, so you don't have to play catch up with your follower numbers ever again! 



...provides Support

Did you know that the average response time on our live chat is under 5 minutes? We're here if you need us - around the clock, around the world. We help influencers from seting up their Google Analytics to finding the right price to charge to a brand. 


... and Analytics

There are thousands of influencers out there and it's not easy to stand out these days. But you can make a strong point to any potential partner by showing them exactly who and where you reach. ZINE helps you put the most important statistics right next to your content. 




...focus on content

Do what you do best. Focus on creating content that captures your audience, turns followers into likes, and readers into subscribers. Developing a personal brand isn't easy! 


...demonstrate their target audience

We tell you who, what where and all you have to do is pass it on. Brands are more and more looking for the same level of detailed audience metrics they are used to from big publications. Stay ahead of the game!


...grow their business

ZINE is dedicated to make running a small (blogger) business a lot easier. You don't enjoy scale - but we do! We want to help you grow your business, by creating tools that save time and increase productivity. 

Last but not least - ZINE media kits are included in the ZINE catalogue used by a few selected Brands and PRs to find the perfect influencers for their campaigns. Inclusion to the ZINE catalogue is not guaranteed and at the discretion of ZINE. Brands can apply for access to the catalogue here.


ZINE is  completely free to join and use. No contracts, no commissions, no strings attached - we are not an agency and we work with represented as well as unrepresented influencers.